Is Dogging Legal?

We were asked the following question by one of our members and wanted to share our response with you.

Dogging Member – “I love being adventurous when it comes to sex and i’m very lucky to have met a like-minded woman.  The two of us enjoy sex outdoors and last week we had some fun behind our local bus shelter.  The people waiting for the bus didn’t hear us – at least I don’t hink they did :) , but the excitement that came from knowing we might get caught made the sex better than ever!  Now my girlfriend wants to take things a step further and go dogging.  I’m  definitely up for it but want to know is it legal?  It won’t stop us doing it, but we will know whether or not we need to run if the police turn up haha.”

Well you know, getting down and dirty outdoors has been becoming a more and more popular hobby in the UK over the past few years.  Couples or strangers meet in public places and have casual no-string fun. Some participate, others watch, and as far as we can understand ourselves it isn’t illegal to go dogging as long as everyone involved is over 18 years old and gives consent.

The only time dogging may fall foul of the law in the UK at least is if they have their romps in places where they might be seen by an innocent bystander.

It all sounds like great fun, but it can be risky.  If you get into swapping partners it’s essential you use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.  And when you are done having casual fun, be responsible and take the condoms and any other items away with you.

Enjoy dogging, but do try to be a little subtle when you do :)

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